Villas for rent in Phuket

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Private swimming pool with clear blue water adjacent to a modern house with large windows
Modern bedroom with large windows and a view of greenery
Cozy bedroom with two single beds and framed artwork
Outdoor shower area with pebble ground cover and surrounding plants
Modern living room with large sofa and floor-to-ceiling windows
Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry
Modern bathroom with double vanity sinks, large mirror, and ample lighting
Modern pool with water feature and stone wall
Modern kitchen with built-in appliances
Elegantly set dining table in a modern dining room with bright interior
Modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden staircase
Modern bathroom with double vanity sinks
Spacious and well-lit bedroom with elegant decor
Spacious and modern open-plan living room with attached kitchen, ample natural light, and contemporary furnishings
Modern kitchen with white cabinets and stainless steel appliances
Modern kitchen with black countertops and white cabinets
Spacious open-concept living room with modern kitchen and abundant natural light