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Shift in International Users: From Indian Dominance in December'23 to Ukrainian Surge in January'24

Published on: Feb 8, 2024


Shift in International Users: From Indian Dominance in December 2023 to Ukrainian Surge in January 2024, an up-and-coming, new, and innovative Thai property platform, experienced a significant shift in its international user base from December 2023 to January 2024. This transition saw a move from Indian dominance to a surge in users from Ukraine. Notably,'s overall demographic currently stands at 70% users in Thailand and 30% international users.

December 2023:

In December 2023, experienced significant user dominance from India, comprising a substantial portion of its international user base. This occurrence may be attributed to heightened interest among Indian users in Thai real estate, favorable market conditions, or evolving investment trends.

January 2024:

January 2024, noted a sudden increase in users from Ukraine, signaling a noteworthy change in international interest. Potential factors contributing to this shift include economic considerations, evolving investment trends, and geopolitical developments that may have prompted Ukrainian investors to explore opportunities in Thai real estate.

Notably, there is a high level of interest among Ukrainians, particularly in the picturesque island of Phuket, as reflected in their increased property searches on the platform.

Implications and Future Trends:

This shift in international user demographics underscores the adaptability and global appeal of Presently, the overall user demographic stands at 70% in Thailand and 30% international users, indicating the platform's expanding international reach.

As continues to evolve, its capacity to attract users from diverse countries positions it as an emerging, innovative resource for individuals seeking real estate opportunities in Thailand. The platform's responsiveness to changing market dynamics is evident in this significant shift, emphasizing its relevance on the global stage.


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