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Chinese and Russian Buyers Dominate Thailand's Condominium Market in 2024

Published on: May 27, 2024 2:11 PM

Chinese and Russian Buyers Dominate Thailand's Condominium Market in 2024

The condominium market in Thailand is experiencing a significant boost, thanks to the influx of Chinese and Russian buyers. This surge in foreign interest is particularly evident in popular tourist destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. The fourth quarter of last year witnessed a modest increase in the transfer of condominiums to foreigners, indicating a gradual resurgence in international interest. Leading this trend are Chinese nationals, who have become the foremost buyers of Thai condominiums, followed closely by Russians and Americans.

Chinese Buyers Capture Nearly 50% of Market Share

Chinese buyers have emerged as the dominant force in Thailand's condominium market. They accounted for approximately 5,000 units, nearly 50% of all transactions, with a total purchase value reaching almost 25 billion baht. This significant market share underscores the strong demand from Chinese investors. Following the Chinese, Russian buyers secured nearly 1,000 units, while buyers from the United States and Taiwan ranked third and fourth, respectively.

Chonburi Surpasses Bangkok as Top Sales Destination

Chonburi Province has now overtaken Bangkok as the leading destination for foreign condominium ownership transfers. About 45% of condos sold to foreigners were in Chonburi, a region celebrated for its beautiful beaches and robust industrial estates. Bangkok, Thailand’s bustling capital and a major tourist hub, accounted for 39% of foreign apartment sales. This shift highlights Chonburi’s growing appeal among international buyers.

Increase Demand in Key Provinces and Tourist Hotspots

The demand for condominiums in Thailand remains robust, particularly in key provinces and tourist hotspots. As tourism continues to expand, it is expected to drive further growth in foreign buyers of housing. This trend not only boosts the real estate market but also indicates a positive outlook for the Thai economy, benefiting from increased foreign investment.


Thailand's condominium market is thriving, driven by substantial investments from Chinese and Russian buyers. With Chonburi and Bangkok leading the way as prime destinations, the future looks promising for the country's real estate sector. As tourism flourishes, the ongoing demand from international buyers is set to sustain this upward trajectory, making Thailand an attractive destination for property investment.

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